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GSoC Vision

Nepomuk Dedicated Desktop Search GUI – after “wild discussions” and deep pondering I now have an overall picture of what this actually means, and what I want to accomplish this summer with my Google Summer of Code project.
As Sebastian described it, my project wants to provide a satisfying search experience on KDE using Nepomuk mainly consists of three reusable parts:

  1. A query builder: this component will reuse the work of Addam Kidder’s GSoC 2009 work, and the subsequent Dolphin integration by Peter Penz. I’m not sure to what degree, but we’ve been discussing changes to this, so I’m not sure yet what direction is this going in.
  2. A result displaying widget: this widget aims to display items in a more relevant way, displaying essential information (like properties and snippets for emails, details for contact items, etc.). It will have a custom ItemDelegate that can be reused in Dolphin, but it might have more fancy stuff too, like KMail-style grouping.
  3. A way to properly open the presented results (using appropriate applications). As Sebastian said, hopefully I’ll have time to “attack” this issue as well.

As a final word, I am thankful for this opportunity and I want to thank the Nepomuk KDE mentors (Sebastian TrĂ¼g and Evgeny “Phreedom” Egorochkin) for the acceptance, Google for making this possible and not least to God from whom all blessings come.

Now on to making those 3 months count!